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Governor Meeting dates & minutes

When do we meet?


The law requires that the full governing body meet at least three times a year, one meeting each term, but as matters arise governors can be required to attend further full governing body meetings.
To ensure we fulfill the role of the governing body we find the most effective way is to meet as sub committees before meeting as a full governing body.

Our sub-committees are:

-         Finance Strategic Committee, where we review the schools finances, any personnel issues and the strategic development of the school and pupils

-         Pay and Appraisal Committee

-         Disciplinary Committee (when required)

These committees meet each term before the full governing body meeting so that proposals made at committee stage can be put forward and discussed and adopted.



Our 2018-19 meeting dates:

Full Governing Body Meeting  - 28 November 2018, 4pm (Autumn term)

Full Governing Body Meeting  - 13 March 2019, 4pm  (Spring term)

Full Governing Body Meeting  - 26 June 2019, 4pm  (Summer term)


Governor planning day - 1 February 2019, 9.30am - 4pm


Finance & Strategic Committee meeting - 16 November 2018, 9.30am

Finance & Strategic Committee meeting - 1 March 2019, 9.30am

Finance & Strategic Committee meeting - 7 June 2019, 9.30am




Minutes of Governor meetings

Display copy minutes of Governor meetings are available at school. If you would like to see them please ask at the School Office.


Note: Display copy minutes are available after the meeting at which they have been approved.