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Autumn Term

This week in Maths, Miss Taylor's group have been looking at fractions. We have learnt songs and even written on the tables - don't tell Phil!!! 


At Barnby Road, we are committed to providing children in Year 6 with a broad and balanced curriculum. In Autumn Term, children will be taking part in exciting trips, visits and enrichment activities. Keep your eye on our page to see what the children get up to.

In English, we have started to study the text, 'I believe in Unicorns' by Michael Morporgo. We have been exploring how he has used language to create images in our minds. Within the story, we are told about a wonderful storyteller, who tells the children of the town stories in the library, whilst sitting on a carved unicorn. One day she produces a blackened book from her bag and tells the children the story of how when she was a child soldiers invaded her village. She tells them that when she was small, people were scared of the power of books as they can expand your mind and knowledge. Because of this, soldiers were ordered to find all of the books in the village and burn them in front of the people who lived there. At that time, the unicorn lady's father had shown courage and bravery by plucking a book from the burning fire. For this act of bravery, he was beaten with sticks and punished.   


This week we have acted out this scene from the book and had great fun pretending to be soldiers and village people. We chanted and made our very own bonfire, full of burning books. This lead to some fantastic vocabulary that we cannot wait to use in our writing next week. 



Here the boys are holding back the unicorn lady's father from plucking the book...


The soldiers chanting, "BURN THE BOOKS!"


Soldiers making the villagers watch the burning of the books...


The girls were protecting their books by hiding form the soldiers...

 The girls were protecting their books by hiding form the soldiers...