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Barnby Road Academy

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Knitting Club

Lunchtime Club on Mondays
Years 4-6 with Mrs Linford and the W.I. Ladies

We are delighted with our ever expanding knitting club. Five ladies from the local 'Newark Fountain WI' come every Monday lunchtime to teach about 26 children to knit. Mrs Linford is a member of the WI and helped to set up the club. So far we have made a knitted bag using basic knitting stitch and a rabbit egg cup cover ready for Easter. They look so cute! Thank you to the volunteers who give up their time so willingly.

Some of our other projects include an array of Christmas items, teddies and knitting squares to form blankets to be sent out to Gambia for babies and toddlers to use. We are delighted to be able to help in this way.



Poppies for our memorial

Poppies for our memorial 1
Poppies for our memorial 2
Poppies for our memorial 3

Easter kniting

Easter kniting  1
Easter kniting  2
Easter kniting  3
Easter kniting  4
Easter kniting  5
Easter kniting  6
Easter kniting  7
Easter kniting  8
Easter kniting  9
Easter kniting  10
Easter kniting  11

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 1

Look at our cute owls

Look at our cute owls 1

Christmas Goodies

Christmas Goodies 1
Christmas Goodies 2
Christmas Goodies 3
Christmas Goodies 4
Christmas Goodies 5
Christmas Goodies 6
Christmas Goodies 7
Christmas Goodies 8
Christmas Goodies 9


Teddies 1
Teddies 2
Teddies 3
Teddies 4
Teddies 5
Teddies 6
Teddies 7
Teddies 8


Blankets 1
Blankets 2
Blankets 3
Blankets 4
Blankets 5