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Barnby Road Academy

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November 2019 Parent Forum

Parent Forum Feedback - November 2019


Updates on the site were shared and Phil Shephard, Site Manager, was present.


What are we doing well?

  • The new sports' hall is a great resource
  • The way we are thinking ahead to generate money into the future e.g. letting out the sports hall
  • Plans for the site were well received e.g. gate next to Nursery
  • Opportunities for children


What could we improve?

  • Further site security - parents are keen that we enhance security at our access gates. It was explained that we are putting in a bid for money to fund improving our school site.
  • After school provision – this would be very popular with parents, particularly for older children.
  • The rubber surface around the pirate ship gets very slippy in winter – the paths are salted but special salt is needed for the rubber surface which is not good value for money therefore we keep this area out of bounds and use the paths only in bad weather.
  • Information about trips for EAL parents. Many parents get confused and children are not then adequately equipped. Could there be a visual of what children need with pictures and ticks/crosses? This could be on letters/on the door. The term dates/starting back at school could also be shown visually for these parents.
  • Being less paper based and going electronic.
  • Flooding outside Y3 classrooms. This has reduced dramatically since further drainage has been put in near the playground, but it is difficult to solve the problem entirely.


Thank you to all of the parents who attended. All of these suggestions are being discussed at our upcoming Senior Leadership Meeting.


Our next Parent Forum will take place at 6.00pm on Tuesday 3rd March.