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Summer Term

We have been enjoying our learning about plants as part of our 'Eco-Warriors' topic! We investigated which plants grow in the different areas around the site; we know that the most common plant on our school site is grass! We also followed instructions carefully to plant our very own bean. We thought about where was the best place to keep our plants and ensured we watered them regularly. They have grown so quickly! We hope you enjoy watching your bean plant grown at home!
Meerkat class have had a great start to our Eco Warrior topic this term! Here we are investigating and observing different plants around the school site. The children loved identifying different types of flowers and shared alot of great knowledge already! Later, we investigated what type of plants grew in different areas of the school grounds.

Capacity fun in Tigers

In Year 1 we have been learning about capacity. The children in Tigers' class worked as a group to label different quantities of water using words such as full, empty, nearly full/empty and half full/empty. We then practised measuring the capacity of different containers using a non-standard unit - cups! The children were very good at comparing how many cups each container holds. Maybe the children can show you what they have been learning when they are playing outside or in the bath?!

Exploring Capacity in Maths

Year 1 have been learning about measurement this term, and with this has been lots of hands on experience. Practical lessons have allowed children to apply and develop their knowledge on length, mass and capacity. In this lesson Meerkat class were exploring capacity using water and cubes, and thoroughly enjoyed the investigation.
Yorkshire Wildlife Park has been a great experience this year. The children were able to see lots of African animals such as giraffes, tigers, lions, okapis and so much more! The children had a chance to explore the park in the morning before we visited the classroom to learn more about the animals, and also have the chance to say hello to a snake, African land sail and hissing cockroach. Many children said their favourite part of the trip, however, was definitely seeing the meerkats at the end of the day!
Lions had a great day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw lots of animals such as lions, baboons, squirrel monkeys, giraffes, polar bears, tigers and otters. In the Education Hut, we felt a snake, giant land snail and hissing cockroaches. There was real camel's fur which we thought was really smelly! We enjoyed finding out more about the animals and seeing some of the African animals we have talked about at school. Take a look at some pictures from our trip. 

Lions' African sunset artwork

Lions have started their new topic, A walk on the wild side, to learn more about Africa. We enjoyed painting African sunsets and thought carefully about the colours that we might see in the sky. After learning about some of the animals that live in Africa, we drew and cut out animal silhouettes to add to our background. Have a look at some pictures of us doing our artwork.