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Barnby Road Academy

‘Where everyone is able to achieve their best’


Art at Barnby Road


At Barnby Road, our mission is to give children the opportunity to achieve their full creative potential by continually building on past skills in order to further develop their independence and original thinking. The introduction of portfolio sketchbooks from Year 1 will help to demonstrate the skills and techniques they acquire throughout their time in the school.


Our art content throughout the school is closely linked to other curricular areas via our termly topic themes as well as introducing children to a range of different artists and artistic styles. Within school, we promote art as an ongoing process that can continually be changed and built upon, encouraging children to experiment with their own ideas and develop their artistic knowledge through trial and error, building resilience. Children's mental health and wellbeing is also at the forefront of our school ethos and by offering our children a broad range of enriching activities it allows them the time and the opportunity to express themselves creatively.


Art and Design at Barnby Road will ensure that pupils make progress through each year group, acquiring and applying key knowledge and skills so that they at least meet the agreed age expectations in this subject and develop a life long passion about the importance of creativity.