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Summer Term

Fishy Fun!

Meerkats have had lots of fun this week exploring fish.

We have been learning to describe the structure of a fish and talk about the functions of different parts. For example; gills, dorsal fin, tail and fins. 

We also used chalk and charcoal to draw the fish.

What an exciting week!

Lions - Tree Detective Trip

The Lion Class loved their trip to the park. We took on the role of 'Tree Detectives' and were able to spot five different types of deciduous trees. We made sure to look closely at the leaves and bark on the tree to help us work out which tree was which and used what we had learnt to describe their different parts and functions.


We were so great at spotting the trees, we even had time to play on the park at the end!! 

Take a look at our photos to see how much fun we had.


We enjoyed a wonderful Tree Detective Trip.

The children enthusiastically hunted for five different types of trees after carefully looking at photographs of leaves, bark and the tree's crowns. The children could spot evergreen and deciduous trees including; Oak, Horse Chestnut and Lime trees. 

It was impressive to hear the children talking about different parts of the trees and their important functions. 

Plenty of fun was had in the play park too!

Thank you for a really lovely class trip Meerkats.smiley

Tree Detectives - Tigers Trip 


The Tigers absolutely LOVED their trip to the park searching for different types of deciduous trees. They were able to use the clues about the size and shapes of the leaves and type of bark to hunt down the correct tree. We were so speedy at finding the trees that we even had time left to play on the playground. Have a look at the photos to see how much fun we had!