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Spring Term

The Great Trent Bake Off! (or nearly!..)

Trent class have been busy learning about bread-making in DT. Over the past couple of weeks, we have learnt about different breads from around the world, sampling and tasting several different varieties - who knew Rye Bread would be so popular?

This week, the children have worked in groups to design their bread, taking into consideration the type of bread they want to make, who it is for (in most cases this turned out to be themselves!), choosing additional ingredients and thinking of style and aesthetics.

Today, the classroom has been filled with flour and also with the happy sound of bakers and the wondrous smell of freshly baked bread. Everyone was successful, everyone made a sensational bread themselves and everyone got to eat their product (having first evaluated it). Some bread may even have reached home to be shared with their families!

Have a look at the photos below - which would be your favourite?

Trent Bridge Visit

All three classes spent a day each at Nottinghamshire's iconic Test Match venue. Following in the footsteps of legends, the children had a tour of the member's pavilion, immersed themselves in the history of Nottinghamshire's finest county and international players, walked around the ground and got to take part in a training session. We were even able to ring the famous 'start-of-play' bell!

Some maths and geography was thrown in too, under the cover of learning about the great game!