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Autumn Term

Lions - Christmas!!!


In Lion Class we have loved taking part in lots of different Christmas activities! We were so excited when our Christmas decorations had been put up and couldn't believe Santa had sent us our own classroom elf, Arlo! We wrote some letters to Santa and all got a reply, plus a very exciting present, a SANTACAM. We had lots of fun talking to Santa through the camera and showing him lots of our Christmas creations (We couldn't believe Santa also sent us some snow right after we opened our camera!!). The children loved taking part in their 'Winter Walk' spotting the different signs of Winter, a big thank you to everyone that came and helped us :). In the last week we had so much fun eating our Christmas Dinner, watching a video sent to us from Santa, dancing at our Christmas party, and receiving a visit from a very special man, Santa himself!! We hope you all have a very, merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing all the children's smiling faces in January.

Tigers - Superhero Day 

Superhero Day was so much fun. We enjoyed making lots of superhero crafts and testing our strength by taking part in an obstacle course.  In the afternoon we played lots of games and even took part in a dance competition. Thank you to all parents and carers for sending your children in such wonderful costumes. Take a look at our photos below to see just how much fun we had!

It's Snowing! 


All the children spotted it was snowing! We had to go and explore the snow and the children loved playing with their friends in the snow. 

Lions - Superhero Day

In Lion Class we have had so much fun taking part in Superhero Day. We spent the morning in the hall doing a super obstacle course, testing our super strength and playing some superhero games. We also had lots of fun getting busy in the classroom designing and making lots of superhero crafts. This afternoon we celebrated with our Superhero themed birthday party and had "the best day ever!". Take a look at our pictures below. 
Tigers - Children in Need Day 
Thank you to all parents for sending your child in something spotty for our Children in Need Day. The children looked wonderful and we all had a super fun day. The children enjoyed taking part in a KS1 colouring competition and decorating delicious biscuits. 

Lions - Children In Need 2020

In Lion Class we had lots of fun during our dress up day for Children In Need. We listened to an assembly all about Children In Need that was delivered by our school council representatives, used Pudsey Bears eye patch to help us with our adding in math, took part in the Pudsey Bear colouring competition, had a dance with Pudesy, made some fun puppets and even had time to make a tasty Pudesy treat in the aftenoon!!  Take a look at our pictures below.
Lions - Creating our superhero masks
In Lion Class we had a very special visitor, Traction Man! Traction Man didn't have a superhero mask so we designed and created one for him. Have a look at us getting busy and our finished designed.

Tigers - Discovering our Five Super Senses


During our topic 'Incredible Me' we have been learning all about our super senses. We discovered that there are five senses; smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. We explored how we use these senses by feeling different objects and describing the textures of them. We came up with some amazing adjectives to describe how they felt to touch! We then used our favourite sense, taste!  We conducted a taste test to see what certain foods tasted like and whether we liked it or not. 

Lions - Using our senses


This week in Lion class we have been exploring our sense of touch, taste and smell. We have used the feely tubs to feel different materials and, as a group, came up with different describing words for each one. The children also had the opportunity to taste and smell different items of food. We enjoyed recording our results about the taste and smell of the different foods into a table, although I'm not sure how we felt about the lemons!! Take a look at our pictures below. 

Lions - Our First Week in Year 1


We have enjoyed exploring the classroom during our first week as the Lion Class. We have taken part in lots of different activities and loved being back at school!

Observational Self Portraits - Meerkats

This week we have been learning to skillfully use a paintbrush to create an observational self portrait.

We needed to look carefully in a mirror paying attention to our facial features. We talked about where our eyes, ears, mouth and nose are on our face. We also looked at our skin, hair and eye colour. Take a look at the photos of us hard at work.