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Spring Term

Year 2 take a trip to the Tropical Butterfly House

Tree Frog class have a great trip to the Butterfly Tropical House. It was a great finale to the Rainforest topic and children had a chance to experience what it might be like inside the rainforest in the tropical house; hot, sticky and full of life! Take a look at these brilliant pictures :)

Take a look at our collaborative Toucan Rainforest Collage using different materials.

Toucans have had a wonderful time making rainforest collages using different materials. We then used our sketching skills we learnt earlier in year to design our own Toucan collage. After this we followed our designs to create collage Toucans to add to our collaborative collage rainforest pictures. They look brilliant! Well done Toucans!

Composing and playing music

As part of our Rainforests topic we have been learning to create select and combine sounds using the inter-related dimensions of music. We began by investigated what different sounds could be made by various instruments and discussed how they could be used. We then started to think about how we could match music to poems and other written form to create a soundscape. Finally, as part of a group we composed and practiced and played our own rainforest storm. 


The Crocodiles all work so well  together and were full of praise their fellow musicians. 

Toucans performing their own Rainforest Music.

World Book Day- Journey by Aaron Becker 

As a school community we looked at the book Journey by Aaron Becker. We began the day with a whole school assembly and then went to our classes to delve into the book. In Year 2, we took our inspiration from the bird and designed, created and wrote about our own mythical, magical creatures and shared them with the school at the end of the day. 


It was such a busy day, here are a few photos of our creative process.  

World Book Day- Journey