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Zoom Meeting Details

Online safety using Zoom - please read before joining the meeting


Where possible, all interactions will be contextual and public and all staff and pupils using video communication must:

  • Only use video lessons when two members of staff are present online.
  • Communicate in groups – one-to-one sessions are not permitted, unless in special circumstances e.g. 1:1 SEND/counselling.
  • Pupils must wear day clothes (no pyjamas) – this includes others in their household.
  • Staff must wear suitable work clothing – this includes others in their household.
  • Be situated in a suitable ‘public’ living area within the home with an appropriate background – ‘private’ living areas within the home, such as bedrooms, are not permitted during video communication.
  • Use appropriate language – this includes others in their household.
  • Maintain the standard of behaviour expected in school.
  • Use the necessary equipment and computer programs as intended.
  • Pupils should not record, store, or distribute video material without permission. Staff must record the session in case any issues arise.
  • Ensure they have a stable connection to avoid disruption to lessons.
  • Always remain aware that they are visible.
  • Sessions will be a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • A parent/carer must agree to the meeting, and for young children must be present in the room throughout the duration of any meeting to monitor acceptable behaviour.
  • No personal information is to be shared.


By joining a meeting staff, parents and children are agreeing to being recorded for monitoring reasons and if the meeting is posted on the website for others in the year group to watch at an alternative time.