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There will be no Zoom Meeting today, Monday 1st March.

This week, they will take place:

Wednesday - 9.30am

Thursday - 9.30am

Friday - 2.30pm


Monday 1st March


Warm up Go Noodle Wake up stretches

Go Noodle Superheroes Unite (Dance-A-Long)

Activity –Have a go at the activities. Record your results in a table again, just like the one below! Also see how quickly you can get changed into some PE clothes all by yourself – can you do it in less than 5 minutes! That is our challenge at school.



1st March

Can you have a race with your Grownup or a sibling? Decide where you start and where you finish your race. Remember to start in the ready position. Do this 5 times, who wins each race?

Make it harder – Can you try moving in different ways? (running, skipping, hopping, jumping)


How long can you balance a book, bean bag or soft toy on your head for? Top tip: pick a spot on the wall to focus on.

Make it harder – How long can you balance it whilst walking!


Can you create a target? (This could be a cushion on the floor, piece of paper etc.) Take three big steps back. Can you throw a ball or beanbag (or a pair of socks rolled up) at the target. How many times do you score in a minute.

Make it harder – Step back five big steps!


Play Musical Statues

How still can you be? If you play it with a grownup or a sibling – who wins?




Read, Write, Inc.

See the subpages below for the Read Write lessons for your child’s Read Write Inc group.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with the home learning teachers.


There is a handwriting 2DO on Purple Mash for you to watch. Please then complete on paper. You will need a pencil and lined paper to complete this activity.

Our words today are; so, play, day.

Challenge – Can you form lower-case letters in the correct direction, starting and finishing in the right place?


Reading - Click on my class login.

Username: barnbylions/barnbytigers/barnbymeerkats

Password: lions/tigers/meerkats

Go on the ebook library and read a story book linked to your book band or Read, Write, Inc. Group.




Input – Watch the video delivered by your Year 1 teachers by following the link below.

Task – Your task today is a worksheet that you will find below. Your worksheet is all about adding by making 10 using a tens frame. You do not need to print out the sheet, you can copy the answers onto a piece of paper. When you have finished, if you are happy to, please share this to your class blog or email it over to the teachers on home learning.

Game There is a game for you to play called ‘Snowman Sums’. Have a go at making the number shown on the big snowman by using our rule of making 10 and adding on the ones.


Additional Maths Activity - There is no expectation to complete the additional maths work. This can be used to extend your child's learning if you feel this is appropriate. 


Here are some extra challenges for the children to do. There is no expectation to do these extra challenges. We thought if you are looking for something to keep your children entertained these may be useful. Enjoy J


Have a go on Numbots: