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Barnby Road Academy

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Autumn Term

Welcome to Crocodiles!

Welcome to Crocodiles Class! We have had a busy few weeks. The children made their own crocodile and named them for the display outside our classroom in the first week. Now we have moved onto our topic 'Ahoy Newark'. We have used lots of types of media to plan and draw a pirate portrait of ourselves. Watch out for these to be put up in our gallery soon! 

Welcome Tree Frogs!

Over the past 2 weeks, we have spent lots of time doing some great artwork. The children learnt some facts about tree frogs and then made models of them. They then learnt how to draw pictures of them for our display. This week, we have got stuck in to our pirate topic! They have enjoyed painting pictures of Captain Abdul and making the background for our class display. Great work! 

Welcome Toucans

Over first week, Toucans have been busy creating their own Toucans for the Key Stage 1 corridor. We have also made our own "Ahoy Newark" display for the classroom. The children completed all of their own cutting, sticking and painting. I think you will agree, it looks fantastic!