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Autumn Term

Tree Frog Pirate Day! YARRRRR!

Tree Frog class had a great time on Pirate Day! The children made golden doubloon cookies for snack time, they completed a treasure hunt and found special treasure filled with gold and jewels. In the afternoon the children had a great party with their other Year 2 shipmates :)

Toucan Class had a wonderful time on pirate day! The children looked fantastic as pirates and completed pirate activities. The activities included a pirate treasure hunt, biscuit decorating and a fun pirate party! Arrggghh!

Toucan - Colour Mixing and Pirate Ship Painting

Over the past week Toucans have been mixing primary colours to create colour wheels. They have also been experimenting with mixing all three primary colours to create the perfect 'pirate ship brown'. After, they put their skills to good use and have sketched and then painted their very own pirate ships! Super work Toucans!

Tree Frog Pirate Ships

Tree Frogs did a great job at mixing brown to paint their pirate ships! First the children sketched their design, painted the block colours and then added detail to the water with white tissue paper! Would you hop aboard one?

Toucans - Testing what daffodils need to grow (a comparative test)

Throughout this year, Toucans will be learning to observe and describe how bulbs grow into mature plants. They are are learning to carry out simple comparative tests by growing daffodils in different conditions. The children loved planting them independently in groups and set up their own comparative tests.

Toucans - Geography - Continents and Mountains

This term, the children in Toucans have done a brilliant job of learning the continents. We can all sing the continents song to help us remember their names and the order of size. The children can also find them on a map.


After this, we looked at some of the mountain ranges across the world. We were amazed how big Mount Everest, was compared to Ben Nevis. We used cubes to build to scale models of the height.

Treefrog Class Pirate Treasure Map

This term we are learning about Pirates! The children are loving the topic lessons and this week we have begun to design and make our own treasure maps. Can you spot the different physical features like volcanos, swamps, lakes, coastlines and caves on the children's maps? Check back again soon for the finished results...

Ahoy! Newark in Crocodiles

This term we are learning about pirates. We have been learning about our topic through different areas, we have been geographers, artists, scientists and top-notch food tasters.  Take a look at some our topic activities.