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Tuesday 2nd March


Input – Watch the video delivered by your Year 1 teachers by following the link below.

Task – Your task today is a worksheet that you will find below. Your worksheet is all about adding by making 10 using a tens frame, this time with using 2 digit numbers. You do not need to print out the sheet, you can copy the answers onto a piece of paper. When you have finished, if you are happy to, please share this to your class blog or email it over to the teachers on home learning.

GameYour game today is within the video. Please complete the task first before moving onto the game. Our game today is addition BINGO, I will say some addition number sentences and your job is to work out the answer, you could use our new method of ‘addition by making 10’ for the bigger numbers or ‘counting on from the biggest number’. If you have the answer on your grid you can cross it off. Let’s see if you can cross all the numbers off before I have said all of my number sentences. Alternatively, you could play with someone in your household and turn it into a competition, who can cross off the most numbers before I have finished!! You will need to draw a 2x4 grid and fill it with numbers 1-20, your child can choose these numbers at random, an example is below.












Additional Maths Activity There is no expectation to complete the additional maths work. This can be used to extend your child's learning if you feel this is appropriate. 

Topic – Music

Input – Watch this video on Oak National all about exploring different ways to use instruments.

Task – Can you make your own instrument at home? We would love to see some pictures of the instruments you make.

Here are some ideas:

Purple Mash – Have a play on 2Beat, this will be under your ‘2Dos’. Can you make different sounds and rhythms using the different instruments?




Here are some extra challenges for the children to do. There is no expectation to do these extra challenges. We thought if you are looking for something to keep your children entertained these may be useful. Enjoy J