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Barnby Road Academy

‘Where everyone is able to achieve their best’

Mrs Twigg and Mrs Scott's Orange RWI Group


Phonics - reading and spelling words with a new sound:

Your child should watch and join in the two videos below. They will need paper and a pencil.

Reading ‘ew’

Spelling with ‘ew’ -


Throughout this week the children will be reading the non-fiction orange book ‘Jim’s House in 1874’ and completing some tasks like we do in school. These will be spread out and we will revisit different parts of the book on different days.  This week you will need to log in to Oxford Owl with your class log in first -  username: barnbytoucans / barnbycrocodiles / barnbytreefrogs

password: toucans / crocodiles / treefrogs

Then, once you have logged in, copy and paste this link to open the book - .



Today’s tasks with the book are:

  • Practise the speed sounds on page 4-5 again; can they increase their speed of reading the words?
  • Read the story green words on page 6 again. Can they read the words without saying the sounds out loud today (‘Fred in their head’)?
  • Child to read the book again (pages 9-16). Each day they read it they should start to become more confident and will be able to read some words more quickly.
  • Now an adult should read the book to the child with expression (pages 9-16). This will help children understand how to read a book with a ‘storyteller’s voice’, reading with expression to make it more interesting for the listener.


Watch the video with Miss Woolridge to practise writing a sentence about the book. Your child will need paper and a pencil. Ideally this would be lined paper/exercise books, or paper that you have drawn some lines on so that children can practise their handwriting and where letters sit on the line.

It would be great if you could take a picture of your writing and add it to the class blogs for the teacher’s to see!