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Barnby Road Academy

‘Where everyone is able to achieve their best’

Spring Term

Our Train Ride - Meerkats

We had the best day ever!

Our day started with making our own packed lunches. We then hopped onto the school minibuses to Newark Castle Gate Station. At 11.01am we boarded a train to Collingham. The journey lasted 8 minutes. It was so exciting! Once at Collingham we walked to the play park. We explored the play equipment, had fun with our friends and feasted on our delicious lunch. At 1.54pm we caught the train back to Newark and were met by Mr Chamberlain and Mr Webster who drove the minibuses back to Barnby Road Academy. 

We loved our first ever school trip!

Exploring Newark - Tigers


As part of our Geography lessons we have learnt all about our local area - Newark. We talked about the different features of our town and the buildings we can see. Then we thought about what parts of Newark we liked, which parts we didn't like (and what we wished Newark had) and thought about some questions about Newark that we would like to find out the answer to. The children were all very curious about their local area and were shocked at how many people live in our town! 

Designing and making our toy cars - Tigers 


We have designed our own moving cars! We had to think very carefully about the different elements and how we would make it move. We discovered that cars have axels and wheels which help them move. We had to plan which materials we would use to make our moving car and then decorate the car once we had finished. We are all very proud of how our cars turned out! Have a look for yourselves...

Exploring Materials - Tigers


As part of our science lessons we have been looking at the different types of materials and their properties. We went on a materials hunt outside to see if we could find things that were; metal, plastic, wood or rock. Once we had explored the materials we conducted an experiment to see if we could protect Mr Gumpy from the rain. We had to conduct a fair test to see which materials are waterproof. The children predicted what might happen and then displayed their results in a table.