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Spring Term

World Book Day - Tigers 


We are developing the love of reading in Tigers! For our world book day, we were given the theme of Bedtime Stories, so we got to come in wearing our pyjamas! We had different activities based on three of our favourite books; Funnybones, Owl Babies and Elmer. The highlight of the day was listening to our very own Bedtime Story whilst drinking chocolate milk! What a great way to spend a day! 

Year 1 Fairy Tale Day 


To celebrate the end of our 'Happily Ever After' topic we had a Fairy Tale Day in which we used our knowledge of different fairy tales. We had a Fairy Tale Ball where we learnt how to Waltz with a partner and made a three little pig cake, which was delicious! 

Science in Lions


This week we have been learning all about the three little pigs and as part of our topic we had a go at building our own houses. First we explored the different materials that were available to us and sorted them into good and bad materials. Next we designed our house and then built it but our favourite part about this project we was testing them at the end. Each house was 'blown' by a hairdryer to see if it would stay up or fall down. As you can see from our photographs we had a very fun and creative week.

P.E - Meerkats


This week in Meerkats we have put together a routine combining all our new skills throughout the term.

We worked in groups to make a dance using balance, jumps, turns and rolls.


Still image for this video

Little Red Riding Hood Story Drama - Meerkats


In Meerkats class we have been using drama to tell parts of the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We chose characters in each scene and used a 'freeze frame' to portray the action with our bodies and facial expressions.

PE - Tigers 

In our Outdoor PE this term we have been focusing on 'Agility' and being able to make controlled movements, skillfully. This week we were using our ability to move around the space without bumping into each other and then added in stopping and starting confidently. We had to move around the playground and stop at different coloured cones. Then we played a game called 'Dance Mat'. This where our team mates shouted out a colour and we really quickly had to tap it and move our feet back together. We had to concentrate and carefully but quickly move our feet. We had so much fun! 

Computing in Tigers


This week we have been looking at programming, where we need to input information to give instructions to our characters. We carefully looked at which direction we wanted to go and clicked on the appropriate arrow, then counted how many spaces we needed to move. All the children enjoyed completing the different challenges on our new Chromebooks! You could have a go at home on PurpleMash!