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Home Learning Guidance - Reception

Reception Home Learning


Whilst school is closed, please use the following to continue your child’s learning at home. If you have any queries/problems please contact Mrs Jenkins, EYFS Manager -


1. Reading using the Oxford Owl website

Click on ‘Free e-book library’ to access lots of banded reading books. You can search for your child’s reading band colour to find appropriate books for them to read at home. Remember that we encourage children to re-read books more than once to develop their fluency. Reading of e-books can be recorded in your child’s reading diary. The Oxford Owl website also has lots of free learning games you may want your child to access.


Class Username Password
Owls barnbyowls owls
Parrots barnbyparrots parrots
Penguins barnbypenguins penguins


2. Phonics using RWI cards/Phonics Play website


Cut up the sound cards provided in your home learning pack and use them to help your child practise recognising the sounds at speed, in different orders. Move on to making words for your child to read e.g. cat, man, milk, spin, drink.

Play the free games ‘Picnic on Pluto’, ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘Buried Treasure’. Choose ‘Phase 3’ or ‘Phase 4’ to ensure your child practises the sounds they have been learning in real and nonsense words.


3. Challenges on Tapestry


Log on to Tapestry regularly to see a range of challenges/tasks set by the Reception team. Don’t forget to add on observations of your child completing these!


4. A range of learning tasks on Mini Mash in Purple Mash

Using their individual log on, children can access a range of different activities which explore different types of learning.


5. Let children play!

At school a large proportion of your child’s day is spent learning through play, both inside and outside. We would encourage you to let your child play at home. Here are some ideas:


  • Build with construction toys e.g. lego/duplo/sticklebricks
  • Complete jigsaws and play board games with you
  • Get outside in the garden/park for fresh air and exercise
  • Read and share story books and rhymes with you
  • Explore with jugs, pots, pans, spoons etc. in the bath
  • Make up stories with small world figures e.g. dinosaurs, cars, dolls, pirates etc.
  • Develop finger strength with play dough, threading beads, cutting and sticking with old catalogues/magazines, drawing pictures and colouring
  • Write sentences about what you have been doing
  • Counting how many things you can find e.g. red things, things beginning with ‘s’, things bigger than their hand
  • Do some baking together and measure the ingredients
  • Make patterns with toys e.g. red, yellow, red, yellow
  • Go on a shape hunt around the house. How many triangles/circles/squares can you find?