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Penguins' diva lamps

As part of our Celebrations topic, the Penguins have been learning about Diwali. We found out some of the ways in which people celebrate Diwali and why it is special to them. Using clay, we made our own diva lamps. The children used their fingers to carefully pinch and mould the clay into the shape they wanted. The Penguins also tasted some Indian foods such as naan bread and mango chutney. We smelt some curry powder and thought about words we could use to describe all of these things. Take a look at some of our photos. 

Owls - Exploring the snow!

Today was a super exciting day, it snowed A LOT. We really enjoyed watching the snow through the windows and counting how many snowflakes we could see hitting the floor. After watching it for a short while we decided that we wanted to go outside and explore the snow because it looked super exciting. We tidied up our toys, wrapped up warm and headed out into the snow. The children had the most amazing time exploring. We tried to catch the snowflakes, made snowballs and made footprints in the snow. It was magical. We then came inside, the children made themselves nice and cosy with some blankets and we sang some Christmas songs. The magic of snow then continued into the afternoon. I collected some snow from outside and put it onto a tray for the children to explore. The children described to me how it felt, we spoke about where in the world it was cold and what animals like to live in the cold. We created mini snowballs, snowman and much more. The snow bought so much joy to the children. Please take a look at some of the fun we had.

As part of our Celebrations topic, the Penguins have been learning about Bonfire Night. We talked about Guy Fawkes, the origins of Bonfire Night and the significance of the fire and fireworks. Using a variety of painting tools and techniques, we created our own firework artwork. The children thought carefully about the colours and shapes that they needed for their picture. We used 2D and 3D shapes to make rockets, practicing our rolling, cutting and sticking skills. The Penguins also created their own firework dances and experimented with moving in different ways to music. The children did really well to perform their dance to the other children and talk about what they liked in each other's routines. Have a look at some photos of our Bonfire Night activities. 
Parrots have had a great first half term in school and we are so proud of how they've settled, and how their independence and learning is growing every day. During the first half term they thought about healthy eating and living and this term they are thinking about different celebrations. They have enjoyed learning during whole class carpet times and have showed us their skills and understanding in adult led small group time.  Parrots have continued their learning independently in the Reception unit and have impressed us with their willingness to learn since coming back after the half term holidays.  It's been lovely to watch their friendships grow and see them exploring, learning and being creative indoors and outdoors.

As part of our Marvellous Me topic, the Penguins’ have been learning about healthy eating and living. We have thought about why it is important to wash our hands and when we need to do this. After reading some instructions telling us how to wash our hands really well, the Penguins practised washing their hands, making sure to make bubbles with the soap and clean both sides of their hands before rinsing away the soap under the tap. We have also learnt about healthy foods and have tried a variety of fruits and vegetables. The Penguins then made a fruit salad, carefully using a knife to cut up the fruit before enjoying their delicious, healthy snack. Have a look at some photos from our topic.

Owl Class have had a fabulous first half term. They have all settled in brilliantly and their confidence and independence is growing each day. We have had a very busy first half term. We have been taking part in multiple activities such as nature walks to the wild life area and carving pumpkins. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. We have also started Read Write Inc, a phonics scheme which allows us to learn a new sound each day. We pracitise saying the sound out aloud, we then read and recognise the sound. Once we have practised this we then apply our knowledge by writing the sound too. The children have focused on numbers 1 -10 in maths. We have focused on each individual number and the value of it, we have counted using numbers 1 -10 as well as looking at the numerals and matching number to quantity. In topic we have participated in a variety of exciting activities such as: making fruit salads, sharing photos of our families and creating pictures out of natural resources. The children have started PE and getting changed independently for it too. I have been so impressed with their enthusiasm for sport and their ability to get changed by themselves.

Finally, I would like to say well done to Owl Class, they have had a brilliant first half term and should be very proud of themselves. I am looking forward to seeing what they can all achieve next half term!

Since the beginning of term, Owl Class have really enjoyed exploring their new inside environment and Roisin's Garden. Owl Class have been having lots of fun and have been accessing a variety of exciting learning opportunities and challenges. I am proud of how well the children have settled and it has been great to see some lovely friendships blossom, not just in Owl Class, but across the other foundation classes too. 

Please take a look at our first couple of weeks in school. It's been great fun!



The children have settled in well and are enjoying their learning in Reception, lots of turn taking and working as a team. We have been very lucky with the weather and the children are enjoying the mud kitchen. Good work parrots! 
The Penguins are settling in really well to school. They have been exploring our classroom and Roisin's Garden and making new friends. We have also enjoyed reading some Penguin stories. Have a look at some photos from our first weeks at school.