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The Sleepy Shepherd


A massive well done to all the children for their effort in our nativity play, The Sleepy Shepherd. They worked really hard to learn all the songs and signs and performed them so well during our performances. The children practiced their lines, learning that they needed to use a clear, loud voice and say their words without rushing them. Thank you to all the parents and carers for your support in providing costumes and helping to learn lines.

A visit from a Fireman

Reception were very lucky to receive a visit from Fireman Mark. He told us about the different jobs a fireman does and showed us pictures of where he works. We found out about his fire engine and that there is a boat in one of the fire engines! He explained why fire alarms are so important and what we should do if one goes off at home or school. He told us all about the special clothes that he has to wear and showed us how he gets dressed into his uniform very quickly. We got to look at his clothes and the children were given the opportunity to try his hat on themselves. Take a look at some of our photos from Fireman Mark's visit. 

Bonfire Night

Reception have enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night. We explored the origins of Bonfire Night and why some people choose to celebrate it today. We watched a firework display together and discussed our experiences, likes and dislikes about Bonfire Night during circle time. The children created firework paintings using cotton buds and the splatter technique, thinking carefully and the shapes, colours and patterns they saw in fireworks. We then built our own rockets, manipulating paper from 2D shapes like rectangles and circles in the 3D shapes we needed. Together, we learnt that the names for these 3D shapes are cylinder and cone. Reception also thought about the noises that fireworks make and wrote adjectives to describe what they could see and hear when watching a firework display. Take a look at some of our brilliant Bonfire Night work in our gallery. 

Welcome to Reception!


Thank you for coming to have a look at our Autumn Term Reception page. We are very excited about showing you what we will be doing during this term.  We will update this page regularly so please keep checking.


We have lots of lovely activities planned for this term!

Our topic this half term (Autumn 1) is "Marvellous Me", which includes activities based on; Our families, Healthy Eating and Healthy Living. During next half term (Autumn 2) our topic will be ‘’Celebrations’’.


Just a few reminders to help everyone's days run more smoothly.....


1. We have P.E on Fridays, but P.E bags stay in school until half term (unless they are particularly dirty). On P.E days it would be very helpful if children wear socks or trousers, tights are a bit tricky.


2. The best way to help and support your child is to read with them every day. Read their school book with them and sign the reading record book. Remember to read all different types of books, magazines, letters, signposts......everything!


3. LABEL! LABEL! LABEL! everything please! Keep checking that labels are still attached.


4. If we have a concern about your child, we will contact you immediately. Please don't worry, just be reassured that everything is going well and your child is happy, settled and learning well. Equally, if you have a worry or a concern please come and see us at the end of the day or phone the office to arrange a suitable time to talk. The start of the day can be a bit hectic! 


5. Remember children will be very tired at the end of the day, allow them to time to relax before asking them questions about their day!


6. Please enjoy learning more about what your child gets up to during the school day by visiting Tapestry.



Thank you very much.


Your support is very much appreciated.


The Reception Team