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Barnby Road Academy

‘Where everyone is able to achieve their best’

Thanks from Mr Eveleigh

Dear Staff, Governors, Parents and Children,

A great big thank you for the wonderful “Send offs” I was given last term and for all the fantastic presents and cards... particularly the words. I have re- read over 300 cards and several very beautiful and special letters, which I will treasure and intend to keep in my special box...I’ve just  this minute finished reading my subscription copy of Trout Magazine, checked the time on my lovely new watch, put down my beautifully inscribed glass  full of  wine ( I have enough wonderful wines to keep me less than sober for the next ten years and enough bottles of champagne to think of you every New Year during that ten years); glanced at my signed photo of Mr Martinez (“May he live Forever”) and my lovely  framed photos of school and sports teams, had a few more lovely chocolates from my extensive range, glanced at my  Beano annual, finished my chicken from the fantastic gas barbecue you bought me ,undone my chef’s apron from my even more rotund figure, and am about to pack up with my brand new fishing equipment, having filled up my fishing flask with “Irn Brew”. Leaving the house I will hang up one of my lovely “Gone Fishing signs”, then off to start a new life with the kind wishes and memories of such a fantastic school and community with me for ever.

Thanks Barnby Road, you are such good people, keep up the work ethic and that fantastic community spirit that makes you and those incredibly deserving Barnby children so very special and so successful.

I will think of you often,

Kev Eveleigh