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Barnby Road Academy

‘Where everyone is able to achieve their best’

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s stars!


Lower School:

Nursery AM – All of the morning Nursery children!

Nursery PM – All of the afternoon Nursery children!

YR Bees – Taghrid

YR Caterpillars – Joshua  

YR Grasshoppers – Max

Y1 Lions – Kayden L

Y1 Meerkats – Chester G

Y1 Tigers – Edward I

Y2 Crocodiles- Luna  

Y2 Toucans- Blossom F

Y2 Tree Frogs – Charlie S-S

Year 2 Writing Trophy – Eleanor


Upper School:

Y3 Beech – Kajus K and Amelia M

Y3 Oak – Sunny B and Matilda H

Y3 Willow – Cayson and Holly L

Y4 Ash – Harry K and Amelia B

Y4 Maple - Harry T and Theo H

Y4 Sycamore – Randal O and Jasie-Mae S

Y5 Avon – Charlie and Thia

Y5 Derwent- Marcel and Jace

Y5 Witham – Henry and Emilija

Y6 Severn – Mila B and Tony J

Y6 Trent – Harry D and Krishan P-H